The CIC Association CIC is a nexus for CICs with over 5350 online network members from across the UK.

We provide an online, telephone and email service for all CICs and stakeholders. We provide one to one advice, research, policy development, events and awareness raising.

Our core objectives are to:

1. Be the representative body for all CICs in the UK
2. Seek views and opinions from members and other stakeholders and be proactive in tackling issues faced by CICs
3. Promote the business model and support its wider application
4. Work with the Regulator and Government to develop the legislation
5. Provide information and resources, to save time and money, to existing and potential CICs, and their stakeholders.
6. Act as an intermediary between CICs and the wider community
7. Act as a portal to secure funding and contracts to deliver outcomes on behalf of the community and work with existing CICs to supply delivery
8. Interact with and lobby policymakers, on issues such as Brand Awareness, Investment Issues and Tax Incentives